Entry requirements

Please be aware that Myanmar immigration law requires meditators to have a meditation visa, which must be obtained outside of Myanmar. If you are traveling in the country on a tourist visa and want to come to the meditation centre to practice, we regret that we will not be able to accommodate you.

For a meditation visa you will need a sponsorship letter from the centre. Please contact Ven. Virañani or Ariya Baumann. The visa can be obtained in your home country from the Embassy of the Union of Myanmar; allow enough time to apply for the visa; the process can take as much as one or two months. It is also possible to get a meditation visa from the Burmese Embassy Visa Office in Bangkok the same day or overnight.

Online applications for visa on arrival has recently been introduced but we have limited experience with this (as of 2016); we recommend you get a traditional visa.

Meditation visas are usually valid for two to three months, depending on the issuing office. If you will be staying longer than that, the visa can be extended in Myanmar for an additional three months. The centre will arrange the application, but please bring enough passport photos for the many forms (about 10 photos)! You must also pay a fee for this extension; currently (2016) the cost is 45 USD.

If you stay in Myanmar for more that 28 days, you have to fill in a departure form (for $ 3) at the airport when you leave the country.
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