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All meditators are expected to abide by the following ethical guidelines:
  • Abstention from killing living beings.
  • Abstention from taking that which is not given.
  • Abstention from all intentional sexual activity.
  • Abstention from telling lies.
  • Abstention from taking intoxicants (drugs, alcohol).
  • Abstention from eating between noon and dawn of the following morning.
  • Abstention from singing, dancing, listening to music, or other entertainment and abstention from using make-up, perfume or wearing jewellry.
  • Abstention from using high or luxurious beds and seats.
Meditators must be prepared to practice in silence, which includes abstaining from reading, writing, and using mobile devices.
Men and women can be ordained temporarily. This might help to deepen meditation.
All meditators have to keep noble silence.
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